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A Few of My Favorite Things

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October 15, 2020
1) I love organizing and this cart has been a helpful and temporary solution (instead of the end of the dining room table!) to stow my kids' art supplies. They like being able to quickly grab what they need as they use it.
Metal Cart with Wheels (Black)
2) This book by Jennie Allen proved to be a game-changer for me in explaining practical ways to recognize and change when I have negative thoughts or thought patterns. Highly recommend! 
Get Out Of Your Head book by Jennie Allen
3) Surprisingly, I don't like making a lot of kids' crafts, but this homemade playdoh was actually really easy and fun to make (and has lasted a long time too!) Add in some scents like lavendar EO, pumpkin spice, or peppermint EO for a little extra layer of fun.
Homemade Playdoh
4) Since it's officially fall and now also chilly in our corner of the Midwest, I'm making soups again. This recipe is a constant winner and very hearty. Pair with some bread and you're good to go for dinner.
Sweet Potato Chili
5) As we prepare for baby #3, I'm gathering and washing all the baby things and taking inventory of what we might need (thankfully, not much!). However, I may buy some more of these blankets because they are my favorite and can be used for all sorts of things - cuddling, feeding, swaddling, playing, catching spit up... you name it:)
Little Unicorn Blanket Set

September 25, 2020
1) Grieving is difficult any time of the year, but especially during the upcoming holidays. This is a helpful list of ways you can come alongside a friend the first year of grief.
10 Ways to Help A Friend Grieving
2) We use this glass tupperware every day, have for 8 ish years, and own four sets. (We are fans.) Costco seems to have the best price for a set, but if you aren't a member, you can find it in different sizes and varying number of pieces on Amazon or other retailers too.
3) This resource for starting our mornings and teaching meaningful content to our kids (no matter what the rest of the day looks like!) has been helpful and sweet. Written by an incredibly sweet and creative pastor's wife we knew from a previous church, it includes Bible memorization, poetry, theology, music, studying composers, artists, and reading short chapter books.
Morning Time by Brighter Day Press
4) A candle that burns clean, smells good (your man might even like it!) and helps make a difference in the world? Yep. Check this company out - they donate 5% of their revenue to fighting human trafficking in America. 
Calyan Candles
5) A recipe that is chock full of veggies, but doesn't taste like it.  Very customizable with toppings and could be made quickly if prep was done ahead of time - try it out. I've been making it a lot recently!
Veggie Turkey Lettuce Wraps
September 11, 2020
1) I just bought this stylish tablecloth to protect our table, while reducing my laundry pile (goodbye to washing placemats!) - it's wipeable and works well with kids. We also have two of their playmats, and use them every day. 
Gathre Tablecloth
2) This is one of my favorite podcasts (with the same name), turned into a book launching this month. The podcast is really interesting if you enjoy hearing how people start (and think up!) well known companies, problem solve and then grow them through all sorts of challenges. I am guessing the book will be an intriguing read too!
How I Built This by Guy Raz
3) A friend in Nashville just opened an online apparel company and I snagged one of these super soft tees on launch day. They have sizes for adults and kids.
Kindreds Tee
4) These ABC Bible cards serve double duty as wall art and a way to memorize scripture with your kids. Durable, 8.5x11" and neutral, we enjoy going through a few at bedtime to remember truth, but you could definitely hang them up in a nursery or kid's room too!
ABC Bible Wall Cards by She Reads Truth
5) One of my go-to chicken recipes and has been for years. Gluten free, relatively fast to make, full of flavor, and really versatile to use with multiple other recipes, including this kale salad, and this pesto pizza, or just on its own with a starch and a veggie!
Lemon Garlic Chicken
August 28, 2020
1) This book has so many helpful tips on changing your day-to-day and therefore, changing your life in extremely practical ways - I highly recommend it!
2) The best chocolate chip cookies recipe around (in my opinion) and bonus - it's gluten free if you or your friends eat GF*, but this does NOT diminish the taste in any way. *However, they do contain gluten free oats, which not everyone who eats GF can tolerate.
3) If you have little ones in your life, buy some Ultra-Washable markers for them and yourself:) You're welcome. So far the name has proved true - they have easily come out of WHITE curtains y'all, clothes, and a tablecloth. Totally worth the extra couple of bucks. Thank you Crayola.
4) Art Prints by the lovely Emily Jeffords are beautiful. I have purchased a few of her prints for our home (including this one) and gifted them too. I hope to buy more, potentially in a large size!
5) We have been using this book all summer and seen a lot of progress! A little over halfway through and my oldest kiddo (almost 5) is reading sentences already.

August 21, 2020

1) This is my favorite ice cream by far, especially the flavors Brambleberry Crisp and Brown Butter Almond Brittle. Go get yourself some!
Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams Pints

2) These linen pants are perfect for the transition from summer to fall. They have olive green, black (what I got), and dark orange.

Linen-Like Pants

3) These neutral baskets make organizing kids' toys helpful and are lightweight enough for the kids to use too! 

4) This mug is beautiful and reminds me of hope and truth in the morning. Morgan has a mug of the moment club (stay tuned for the next mug of the month), and many other gorgeous ceramic pieces too!

Handmade TN Studio Mug of the Moment

5) A prayer journal helps me collect requests and answers each month, plus more. Just ordered the one below for 2021!

2021 Prayer Journal by Val Marie Paper Co.